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Lukki Live Casino – Enjoy the New Live Casino Experience

Live casino has taken the online casino industry by storm and has become a pivotal part of a casino's game offerings. The introduction of HTML 5 allowed the integration of live casino to be carried over from desktop to smartphone seamlessly, thus being the final piece of the puzzle for games providers to invest and dedicate their time in perfecting the live casino concept.

Discover our Lukki Live Casino!

Lukki knows the importance of having a good live casino experience and has therefore put time and effort into making a state-of-the-art live casino section, kitted out with the most entertaining games from the best game developers. Lukki’s live casino allows players to experience all the action unfold live in the moment. The added atmosphere of having the dealer interact with you through the action is truly an unrivalled experience in the online casino space.

Live casino offers the closest land-based casino experience you can find from the comfort of your own home. Certain live games allow you to interact with other players on the table much like you would on a busy casino floor. Lukki ensures it maintains its place at the forefront of the online casino industry by making sure it is up-to-date with the latest live casino technology.

Live Casino – What is a Live Casino & The Lukki Live Experience

Live casino is one of the latest developments in the online casino space which delivers players an ultra realistic casino gaming experience through a live-streamed service. Each casino game has its own dedicated studio space where players can play along from the comfort of their own homes but watch the action unfold in real-time.

The human interaction aspect of having a dealer live in the studio to supervise and lead the proceedings only adds to the level of realism due to the replication of how traditional casino game dealers work. These dealers are usually dressed for the part and come with exceptional training to deliver a professional and realistic casino experience for players across a wide range of different live games.

All your favourite games available in the live casino section such as Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat, and many other exclusive game show types. No matter what type of player you are, you are bound to find the type of game you are looking for to satisfy your casino experience.

Types of Live Casino Games you can enjoy in Lukki

New live dealer casino games come in formats of most of your favourite land-based casino games. This helps recreate the same experience a player is likely to have when they first walk onto the casino floor from the comfort of their own home. To make sure every player is catered for and doesn’t feel left out Lukki has ensured you can find classic games such as Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat, and some of the more obscure and regional based games such as Sic Bo. Here’s a breakdown of the new live casino games on offer at Lukki:

Live Dealer Baccarat

Baccarat is a classic card game found inside a casino—not too dissimilar from Blackjack, players face off against the dealer to try and score as close to the total of 9 with their hand. The simple rule set makes this a fan-favourite for live casino players, as they can recreate the same high-rolling feeling that Hollywood often associates to Baccarat.

Live Roulette

The excitement of Roulette is the magic behind the game. So much anticipation surrounding the spin of the wheel and the exhilaration of the ball dropping in a winning zone makes this a standout game for anyone. The thrill is only intensified when you add the live factor into the mix, as players can watch the dealer spin the wheel in person and recreate the same buzz of scoring a big win in a land-based casino.

Live Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most widely recognised best live casino games due to its simple rules and mainstream popularity. The live casino tables help immerse the player in a realistic land-based casino experience that recreates the short, sharp rounds of the thrilling card game. The speed behind how fast this game can be played is partly why it is so popular among players.

Live Poker

Live Poker allows players to test their ability to hold their nerve when the ante is up and the chips are down live in the moment. More pressure means more thrill when you flush out the competition and take home a big win. You’ll find plenty of variants of poker rulesets inside an online casino and that also holds true when searching the live poker tables.

Live Sic Bo

This Chinese casino game is gaining traction across the rest of the world as an exciting three-dice game in which players make bets on the outcomes of the dice rolled. With so many different variations of bets to be made, it makes each dice throw filled with excitement and anticipation. Now you can feel the thrill live in person as the dealer takes you through each round in real-time.

Exclusive Live Game Shows and New Live High Stakes Games

It’s not just casino classics which can be played live in Lukki casino. The newest format of live games is taking popular tv game shows and other exciting games and recreating that magic inside of the online casino space. Popular tv shows such as Deal or No Deal have become a fan favourite in live casinos as well as the household board game Monopoly. These are both examples of formats that have been turned into live casino games and are popular among casual players due to their alternative playstyles compared to regular casino classics.

The Best Live Dealer Casino Games Providers are all present

To have the best new live casino games available for players its vital to secure partnerships with the biggest and best live game developers. Lukki has made some awesome partnerships with both the most reputable producers on the platforms and the newest up-and-coming producers to provide you with a wide variety of the best live tables on the platform.

With so much talent in one place it's no wonder why players already spend hours on new live casino sites admiring the stunning sets, exceptionally trained live dealers, immersive graphics, and most importantly the uninterrupted live game experience.

The Immersive Technology Behind Lukki Live Dealer Casino

There’s plenty of technology involved in creating the perfect new live dealer casino experience—it’s not just as simple as turning on a camera. In fact, there are multiple different cameras involved in one live casino table to create the ultra immersive experience you see on your screens. The multi-angled stream allows players to see all parts of the casino game setup from close ups of the game table to a shot of the set where the live dealer leads the action.

With so many moving parts it's crucial that the live casino game transitions seamlessly between each camera cut without dropping frames or buffering. Lukki Live Casino prides itself on a super-fast and reliable stream that never interrupts the player's experience and captures it all in crisp high-definition.

Lastly, and most importantly, it's not just fancy graphics that immerse the player into new live casino sites but the interactive features that ensure the player is always involved in the action. These features can vary from live chat with other players on the table, interactions with the live dealer as they conduct each round, placing bets, and even an educational aspect to understanding the rules of the game better. Imagine, like at a land-based casino, you are new to a game and don’t quite understand one rule. When playing with a live dealer you can ask for them to explain the rule as you play.

Playing in a Live Casino vs in a Regular Casino

Playing in a live casino brings players the authenticity and feel of a real casino, combined with the convenience of playing from wherever, whenever. So if you fancy games like Roulette, Poker or Blackjack then Lukki has everything you need, with plenty to explore. But if you’re still not convinced, here’s some key differences, comparing both facets of the digital world, with the regular for you to decide.

Live casino games
Enjoy the atmosphere of sights and sounds that feature in a traditional casino without leaving the comfort of your house. Or even better, from wherever you want!
Play alongside other players from all around the world, enjoying some time with other casino enthusiasts.
Smooth transition to online gambling for players who don’t like typical mechanics of online casino games like slots etc. Live casinos can help them adjust and get used to it.
Continuous availability. Online casinos are open 24/7, meaning you can play no matter the time.
Instantaneous communication. Engage with real time dealers instantly as well as other players, without the traditional land-based casino atmosphere.

Land-based casino games
Have to attend certain locations. Can’t play from anywhere.
Typically only meet players and other casino enthusiasts from the region the casino is in.
Limits players to certain games and slots, the variety of games isn’t as significant.
Some casinos are only open at certain hours, so you can’t play all the time.
Whilst you get instant communication, you must be at the casino for this type of service.

Why Choose Lukki Live Casino?

Lukki’s live casino is a top-choice for players for many reasons, as discussed above the playability of the live casino games is a standout among the competition. There truly is a game for every type of player in our library. Whether you want to bet the big bucks on a trusted and established Roulette table, or whether you want to spread your bets thinner across multiple tables to explore what’s on offer, you can find the experience you are looking for.

We can sit here boasting about all the top games we have on offer from the best developers, the seamless live streaming experience, and the multi-camera setup of each live table all day but there’s only one way to decide if Lukki is the best new live casino for you. Head over and try it out for yourself. We’ll let you be the judge of excitement and see if everything you touch turns to gold!

Be sure to visit if you want to understand how you can make sure your sessions of Lukki live casino stay fun. There are plenty of useful resources on this site about how to gamble responsibly and maintain control each time you log into the casino.

Lukki Live Casino FAQ

How to play live casino games in Lukki?

Ensure you have created an account with Lukki casino and then you can choose any of the live table games to get started on the best live casino.

What Is The Best New Live Casino?

Lukki has to be in consideration for best new live casino thanks to its attention to detail in ensuring players have a truly immersive experience featuring all the gametypes you could ask for in stunning HD and with professional dealers.

Can Live Dealers Influence The Game?

The games are all tested and ensured to be fair and random by the gaming authorities which regulate Lukki casino. All game providers are well accredited and professionally train their live dealers to carry out each game fairly.

Why Choose Lukki Live Casino?

Lukki Live Casino gives an experience for every type of player. Whether you want to play for the big bucks, or casually bet smaller amounts on a variety of games, you’ll find a live table for you with plenty of interactive features that give you a realistic casino experience.

Which Live Casino is best for high rollers wanting to play high limit games?

Lukki Live Casino offers an incredible live casino experience for high rollers wanting to play for large amounts of money.