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New Casino Games - Dive into the Excitement of Lukki Casino Games!

Mr. Lukki’s casino game library at Lukki online casino is decked out with the most exciting new online casino games available to players. Lukki casino has got the golden touch when it comes to attracting the biggest, best, and most anticipated game developers onside to host thousands of their amazing games in one place.

Get lucky on Lukki casino games by trying out all the different new casino games on offer and find out which ones are best for you. There’s so much variety in our slot games and table games at Lukki, so whatever kind of casino player you are, you are bound to find the golden game for you.

Types of New Casino Games Online

Mr. Lukki has ensured there are plenty of different new casino game types available for players to choose from. His games library is decked out with the latest and greatest hits from the best developers in the industry. So whether you like to spin slots or take a seat at a casino table, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the options shown below:

Classic Slots

Lukki’s slot selection doesn’t leave much to be desired as there is a bit of something for everyone. Before we talk about the super modern slots, lets first discuss the golden oldies that are classic slots. Designed to be as simple yet enjoyable as possible. Fast gameplay devoid of distractions like fancy graphics, intricate gameplay, or intense storyline. Classic slots are modelled after the original casino slot games usually referred to as fruit machines.

Video Slots

Now onto the creative slots. This is the realm developers are allowed to run wild with whacky, over-the-top themes, complex bonus features, and immersive storytelling to transport players into a new world when they load into new casino games online. These games resemble more of the type of game you’d expect to buy for your games console but instead you get access to it for free and can even earn money from the game.

Progressive/Jackpot Slots

Mr. Lukki has given certain slots the golden touch as every bet placed on the game, worldwide, adds a small amount to the total jackpot. The player who strikes gold, walks away with some enormous payouts only matched by the bigger grin on their face. Check out Lukki’s Jackpots Slots to find out which games pack the biggest punch.

Crash Games/Fast Games

Crash games are one of the latest innovations that create a new environment for players to bet on. The game starts with a multiplier and each round there's a higher chance of the multiplier ending and the player can choose to cash out or progress onto the next round. If the multiplier breaks then the player loses everything, if the chain continues the player can build up an enormous amount of winnings compared to their baseline bet.

Video Poker

Test your luck against a computer generated opponent at Poker from the comfort of your own home. If you aren’t ready or want to warm up before playing against real life human players at Poker, Video Poker offers a great platform to get your practice in, sharpen your skills and walk away with some extra cash for doing so.


Go head-to-head with the dealer in a card game to try and score as close to 21 without going bust. The game is fast, simple, and easy to learn. The ultimate casino classic card game, heavily shown throughout Hollywood and played between friends outside of the casino as a fun pass time. Put your chips to the test and see if you have the golden touch to beat Lukki’s computer dealers.


Spin the ball around the wheel and watch on in anticipation as you wait to see where the ball lands. If you can predict the right zone, you can walk away with some serious cash. Again, like Blackjack this game is synonymous with casinos land-based and online. Head over to the roulette games now and it won’t take long before you understand why this is one of the most popular casino games of all time.


Baccarat and Blackjack are similar in rules except in this game, you have the option to bet whether your hand, or the dealer’s hand, will be closer to the total score of 9. A fast-paced casino card game that is often associated with the high rollers in hollywood. So you can live the high life and load into a lobby today and start earning your fortune.


Take on the ultimate challenge and sit across the table from real life players and go toe-to-toe in the competition of bluffing and see who has the nerves of steel when the pressure is on and the ante is up. The game ends when you have taken the money of every other player on the table and are crowned the last man standing, Poker is widely regarded as the highest skilled game in the casino industry and is a major spectacle worldwide even to view.

Sic Bo

Away from the classic casino games we now have some more creative game types such as Sic Bo. The game is played with three dice and involves players betting on the outcomes of the dice that are thrown. The more specific you are about your prediction the more reward you take home for being correct.


Keno is a lottery style game that has a computer generate a set of 20 numbers from 1 to 80. Your job is to choose the 20 numbers you think will be generated by the computer and the more of the numbers you guess correctly the higher the reward you bag yourself. It’s simple, enjoyable, and if you are on a hot streak of numbers the thrill is hard to match.


The game that can bring local communities together inside a bingo hall on a Friday night has made its way into Lukki casino. Much like the real-life version of the game, you are given a computer generated match card and as the numbers are drawn at random you must try to cross them off your match card to try and score a line, 2 lines, and finally the full card. A prize is given for the first person to reach each stage and it increases in value until the finale of the game.

Scratch Cards

Why walk all the way to the local store to buy a scratch card when you can log into your Lukki account and buy one from the comfort of your own home. See if Mr. Lukki blesses you with the golden touch as you scratch awa\y the foil to reveal if you have won an instant cash prize or not.

Live Dealer Games

If you prefer the thrill of the casino floor then why not try the most immersive experience in an online casino and head to Lukki’s live games. Play through your favourite table games with a live dealer moderating all of the proceedings and interacting with you from their dedicated game studio. The excitement of a big win is only heightened when you can watch it unfold in real-time in front of your eyes.

New Online Casino Games offer the Latest Technology

The benefit of having the newest online casino games available all in one place in Lukki’s library of online casino games is that you get to try the latest technology. As developers constantly race to release the newest and most exciting features, they continually are pushing the boundaries of possibility inside an online casino game. Whenever a groundbreaking technology is discovered and released, you can bet Mr. Lukki will have it ready for you to try in a pre-release exclusive so you can play it before anyone else gets to try.

The Best New Casino Games Come from Well-Known Providers

Lukki has teamed up with the best online casino game developers as well as making partnerships with the hottest up and comers in the industry for creating casino games. This not only fills the library with all your established favourites but gives you a chance to discover the hottest games to hit the market which haven’t been discovered by the wider audience yet. The newest developers come with the most out-of-the-box ideas to try and stamp their own authority on the scene and to make a splash on arrival. Go check out the latest casino games at Lukki and see the newest technology in action.


How can I play new casino games?

Make sure you have created an account at Lukki casino and you can gain access to a library of thousands of the latest games.

Are there any exclusive New Casino Games at Lukki?

Lukki has exclusive rights to some of the most exciting and popular games on the platform. Keep an eye out for exciting exclusive pre-releases that drop from major game labels to Lukki’s player base earlier than any other casino.